It’s about time! Cisco has finally improved the security components of taking an exam. When you sit for your CCNA or CCNP exam you will be required to show two forms of identification. A driver’s license and a credit card will suffice as long as your signature matches. Also while at the signing up for your CCNA, CCNP exam you will now be photographed and a digital signature will be captured. These measures are to help reduce the number of proxy test takers. A proxy test taker is someone who takes your CCNA exam for you as an example. Also Cisco has implemented additional test security measures, namely exam forensics. What this means is while you are taking your Cisco exam, they have metrics on how long a question should take, if you start blowing through your exam faster then what is considered normal you will set off all sorts of alarms. Cisco then reserves the right to hold your exam and review the manner in which you answered your questions. If they feel you had a preconceived notion on the exam answers you will be asked to resit the exam at Cisco’s expense. If you are unable to pass or do not agree to this retest, Cisco will not recognize your achievement. I feel this is a step in the right direction. Too many people were getting their CCNA & CCNP certifications by cheating.