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Red Hat training and Red Hat certification programs can provide your team with the expertise needed to configure, manage, and deploy Linux and other open source solutions from the desktop to the back office, from desktop productivity software to the most demanding Internet and database applications. Our broad array of performance-based courses are "unparalleled in the Linux realm". With our multi-student specials, there's no better time to train than now.


When you enroll students from the same organization in the same open enrollment class you will receive one of the following qualifying discounts:


Enroll   Discount   Code
2 or 3 students   12%   45912
4 or 5 students   14%   45914
6 or 7 students   16%   45916
8 or more students   18%   45918


For more information, on the discounts, give your Red Hat Training team a call at 1-888-558-5493   


Multi Student Discounts Terms & Conditions -
  • All Student Registrations must include the Promo Offer Code in the offer code field of the enrollment form.
  • Multiple Student discounts cannot be combined with any other Red Hat promotions or incentives. No exceptions.
  • Batching of All Student Registrations in one order to Red Hat is acceptable.
  • In the enrollment form, must include one student name in the Student Name section of the enrollment form. All of remaining students under the order must be listed in the comment section of the enrollment form.
  • All Students must be from the same company.
  • All Students must take the same class at the same location on the same dates.
  • For Auditing purposes, the company or government entity name of the students must be provided in the comment section. This information will remain confidential.
  • Any Student Cancellation must be made for all students.
  • Remaining students if still eligible for a multiple Student discount must be re-enrolled through Red Hat.
  • Promo offer code must again be included in the new registration(s).
  • All cancellations must be made in accordance to our standard Terms & Conditions.
  • If a student cancellation reduces the number of students to a level that changes the discount amount in the initial order, the will receive promotional discount (if applicable).
  • No Individual Student class reschedules.
  • If class reschedules are made, all students in the existing order will need to reschedule at the same time.
  • All qualifying reschedules must be made in accordance to our standard Red Hat Training Terms & Conditions.
  • Any Student Substitutions must be made two business days prior to the start of class (i.e. Student substitution must be made Wednesday for a class beginning the following Monday).
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