Aug 10 2009

Error 0×80040201 Sending e-Mail From Outlook

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When attempting to send an e-mail from Outlook, I received the following error message:


I use several accounts in my Outlook profile, and have previously read that a support article on the microsoft support site recommended to delete and re-create my outlook profile. A number of different sites when I googled “outlook error 0×80040201″ seemed to indicate the same thing; delete and re-create my Outlook profile. One of these days I’ll get around to deleting and re-creating all four of my profiles some day…

I could have tried what everyone else did – delete and re-create the Outlook Profile:

…but my issue seemed limited to outbound e-mails that either had an attachment (but only to certain people for some reason) or e-mails with embedded graphics and more than 500k, so I had a difficult time believing it was a corrupt profile.
So, when today I tried to send an e-mail, a very important one, and when the issue persisted, I thought I would dig a little deeper as it was a non-work day, and came up with the following:

On outbound e-mails for addresses that I have typed before (and according to the microsoft articles that suggested I re-create my profile – to addresses that weren’t contacts) I would have an alias instead of the actual e-mail address, even though they may not have existed as contacts in my default outlook contact profile. What I started thinking was that if the address was indeed an exchange ‘in-memory’ address as according to this article:
I tried all suggestions, but it didn’t work for me. What I found was that Outlook still had some Exchange adresses in ‘ it’s memory’ and the message to be sent included an exchange adress, whereas exchange was not being used anymore.
This could happen on systems which have used Exchange but have changed back to POP3 E-mail delivery.
Checking the to-be-sent messages is the key, remove the adresses that are exchange adresses and substitute them with the real POP E-mail adresses.
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…then why not use the ‘Delete a Name From Auto-Complete’ feature of outlook, in which you:
1. Select the unwanted name or e-mail address by using the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key.
2. Press DELETE.


…and viola – PROBLEM FIXED. I didn’t even need to take the rest of my Sunday away from my family to uninstall outlook, re-install my entire OS because I was dumb enough to download some ‘free registry cleaner…’ or re-create my profile(s).
I certainly hope I can save someone time so they can spend it with their family, like I did with mine today!

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