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Unitek's CRM team periodically supplies FREE, useful tools for the CRM community! There is no charge to download and use these tools, either for yourself or your clients, but we do require that you complete a simple contact information form so that we can track the popularity and use of the specific tools.

Unitek's Insta-Search for CRM 3.0 & 4.0

Microsoft CRM has some wonderful searching options that come natively out of the box. Unfortunately, the ability to search across multiple entities, such as Leads and Contacts, doesn’t exist in CRM 3.0 or 4.0. This can cause some serious user-adoption issues if your sales people need to look at both entities before entering new records.

We developed a method that gives users the ability to search Leads and Contacts simultaneously, with a single search. And as is our way, we want to share with the rest of the CRM community.

Here's how it works:

enter their search criteria in the Look For box and then click on the Insta-Search button.

  • You can search for name, phone or email address in the Unitek installation.
  • The Insta-Search button can appear in all entity screens!

After clicking the Insta-Search, this screen pops up with the search results:

Our Insta-Search pulls all Leads and Contacts that have “408-488” in one of our 3 phone fields.

  • Each Lead and Contact is a clickable link, opening the CRM record once selected.
  • Users can do another search within the new window by entering new criteria in the Search For: box.
  • CRM security is enforced by utilizing the CRM Filtered Views.
  • The fields displayed in the Insta-Search is configurable.

You can add this fantastic tool to your CRM installation too!

Note that Insta-search is not a packaged install that you can just download from our site, because we’ve noticed that every customer needs a tweak or two to get it right. We’re far too busy with our CRM projects to come with an installation package that addresses every scenario. Most of you will have to take an hour or two of consulting from us to do the install. Fill out the form, the email you get has more details.

Click here to complete the form and get Insta-Search installed on your system!

Unitek's Quick Activity for CRM 4.0

This tool has been a life saver for many of our clients!
Completing a phone call or other activities can be quite a few clicks. For companies that make or receive a large number of phone calls that need to be recorded in CRM, using our Quick Activity tool will save the users a few clicks per activity!

Here's a screen shot of what users will see:

After they click, this window appears:

We will be posting a method to use this same tool from the entity grid view. This will eliminate the need to open the record to record an activity. This method will enable users to go through their grid view and record a large number of activities in a VERY  short time!

Click here to Register and Download Quick Activity for FREE!

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