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Performance Acceleration Module

Since I come from a bit of a database background, I often look at storage performance through a DBA’s lense.  I looked askance at the trend toward ever large disk drives.  More spindles mean better performance and drive capacity has been growing much faster than performance. In the database world, one of the ways we […]

FAS3100 series

Those of you who follow Netapp may have noticed the arrival of two new models, the FAS3140 and FAS3170.  These systems are interesting for a number of reasons, but the one that particularly caught my eye is the form factor. For many years now, Netapp has offered systems in the lower part of their range […]

Traditional volumes in Data ONTAP 7.0

Traditional volumes in Data ONTAP 7.0 In my previous entry I discussed RAID groups and aggregates in the context of flexible volumes.  For the sake of completeness, I am now going to discuss traditional volumes.  This should not be taken as an endorsement.  You should be using flexible volumes.  They have many significant advantages over […]

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