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World’s Largest Laser Runs on Data ONTAP

Downtime not an option for research tool The world’s largest laser — 100 times more energetic than any previous laser system — resides at Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility (NIF). Scientists are investigating defense and energy applications with the laser. As Mike McNamara writes on NetApp’s blog, downtime is not an option for the […]

NetApp CEO: Data Management is the Future

In Q&A, NetApp CEO looks ahead Rob Preston of InformationWeek interviewed NetApp CEO Tom Georgens recently, eliciting a wide range of insights into how Georgens sees the storage industry changing — and where NetApp will find competitive advantage. In the preface to his interview Preston observes how it is both the best of times and […]

NetApp Launches New ‘Scale-out Innovations’

But some wonder, where’s FlashRay? NetApp announced on Feb. 19 the launch of “new unified, scale-out innovations” that let customers manage their data through a single storage and data management platform. These innovations include the FAS8000 enterprise storage array series, which can be deployed in traditional data centers as well as across newer hybrid cloud […]

Verizon Deal to Extend Reach of Data ONTAP

NetApp’s presence in the cloud will increase, thanks to a recently announced partnership with Verizon. In an article on, writer Joseph F. Kovar says that NetApp customers will be able to access NetApp Data ONTAP as a virtual storage appliance on the Verizon cloud, giving them the same management capabilities and features they currently […]

Buy or Build – or Look to the Cloud?

Once upon a time, solving a technology challenge began by first answering one basic question: Build or buy? But as NetApp CIO Cynthia Stoddard explains on, a third option is now changing how IT teams approach their challenges. Hybrid cloud computing, Stoddard says, is changing the essential dynamic that drives decision making. “It isn’t […]

NetApp, Cisco, and the Future of Data

Earlier this month, Cisco launched its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), which aims to optimize the data center infrastructure so that mobile-cloud applications can run unfettered by physical or virtual environment limitations. By delivering applications to end-users where, when, and on the device they want, AIC promises to “speed the rate of business.” As Richi Jennings […]

Big and Fast: Data a Key Player in NFL

Speed, efficiency, and reliable execution are the keys to success in today’s National Football League. And we’re not talking about quarterbacks. We’re talking IT. As Richard Bliss describes in, teams like the Denver Broncos may be mid-size businesses, but they have enterprise-level IT needs. Before the players ever take the field, the organization’s IT […]

What are the Top Hacker Movies of All Time?

It’s a question that generates as much heat as Mary Ann or Ginger? Tastes Great or Less Filling? Ranking the best hacker movies of all time is both highly subjective and, to judge by the number of curated lists that come up in a Google search, an extremely popular exercise. While the definition of a […]

Government and the Cloud: Must-See TV

It might not have had the mass appeal of Mad Men or Dancing with the Stars, but a television program cosponsored by NetApp U.S. Public Sector called “Gov Innovate: Cloud Computing” delivered a compelling message to its target audience of federal agencies. “Federal agencies are facing obstacles in moving to the cloud, such as budget […]

NetApp Recognizes Customer Innovation

NetApp honored 14 customers at its ninth annual Innovation Awards for their use of the NetApp Data ONTAP architecture to “unleash the power of IT to accelerate business and operations.” Winners and finalists for the NetApp Innovation Award were honored at a ceremony at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, on June 12. […]

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