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‘Softwarization’ Trend Transforming Business

“Software-defined” or “softwarization” is changing the way business evolves. But what is it? In an article on NetAppVoice on, Mike Elgan explores the essence of softwarization and how it is revolutionizing technologies both old and new. As Elgan sees it, the two fundamental building blocks of IT are hardware and software. As commoditization and […]

NetApp ONTAP 8.2: Storage Beyond Siloes

With the June release of the latest version of its flagship storage operating system, NetApp strikes a blow against the limitations of data siloes with a software-defined storage model. Much anticipated by NetApp customers, Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 embraces the rapid adoption of software-led architectures in the enterprise. “CIOs are moving from builders of applications […]

NetApp Puts $14m into Education IT Projects

School budgets are tight these days and educational IT projects are falling by the wayside. To help schools go “further, faster,” NetApp created the Education Donation Program, which has provided an estimated $14 million worth of data solutions, helping more than 100 not-for-profit schools across the country since its creation in September 2011. “Our work […]

Go Ahead, Bring Your Own Device to Work

The BYOD (bring your own device) trend has raised some concerns in the workplace. While employees want to be able to use their personal smartphones and tablets for work, IT departments cringe over security concerns. Fortunately, now there’s an app for that: NetApp Connect, which allows for seamless and secure mobile access to your sensitive […]

NetApp Gives Revlon a Makeover

A data services makeover, that is. The worldwide beauty leader Revlon has tapped NetApp to improve its business efficiency, agility, and capabilities. The decision to use NetApp storage foundation for their IT needs will help fuel growth for the company, according to Revlon CIO and senior vice president David Gaiambruno. “When we started our IT […]

NetApp Approved for Electronic Health Records

The leading provider of electronic health records (EHRs) has given NetApp its seal of approval. MEDITECH has announced that NetApp FAS Storage is officially certified to manage its EHRs, a major vote of confidence in the storage provider’s ability to house this exceptionally critical and sensitive data. For the numerous healthcare institutions that use both […]

NetApp Named #1 Storage Operating System

Global IT analysis giant International Data Corporation (IDC) ranked NetApp Data ONTAP as the number one branded storage Operating System (OS) for 2012. IDC compared branded storage OS options worldwide and measured the value based on market revenue and new capacity shipments. NetApp led the way in the both categories. “This recognition from IDC further […]

How Many Spares Drives Dhould I Allocate For My Storage System?

This question comes up frequently and the answer is somewhat complex.  It depends on the number of drives in the storage system and the characteristics of those drives. Remember, if you are clustering your storage system, each head in the cluster will need its own spares.  Additionally, if you are using syncmirror, you will need […]

Data ONTAP and Space Management – Part 8

Let’s take a look at the snap autodelete command.  We will begin by checking the autodelete status: The command: “snap autodelete vol1 show” returns the current status of the autodelete options for vol1. By default, autodelete is turned off, so let’s start by turning it on: It is now turned on.  The commitment option is […]

Data ONTAP and Space Management – Part 7

With the combination of Data ONTAP 7.2 and flexible volumes we have some new options for managing space in volumes that contain LUNs.  Obviously, we still have to provide a free block when the host wants to write, but now we have a new block pool in the aggregate we can pull from.  We also […]

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