Creating and Customizing Workflows

Using OnCommand Workflow Automation

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Creating and Customizing Workflows Using OnCommand Workflow Automation

Course Description

Discover how OnCommand Workflow Automation (OnCommand WFA) can help eliminate error-prone manual processes for storage management in your organization. In this course, you learn how to create and customize workflows to meet your organizational storage requirements. In addition, you create commands, finders, data sources, and functions. The course also provides an overview of the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit and how it integrates with OnCommand WFA.

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NETAPP-CCWWFA-REV01-Creating and Customizing Workflows Using OnCommand Workflow Automation
Duration: 2 days
NetApp Training Units: 24
Price: $ 1800.00
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 NetApp employees



By the end of this course, you should be able to: 

  Configure OnCommand WFA 

 Describe OnCommand WFA design components

 Create workflows 

 Customize workflows 

 Create building blocks 

 List Representational State Transfer (REST) API tasks and support resources 

 Explore the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 


 NetApp Storage Fundamentals

 Working knowledge of clustered Data ONTAP

 Administration of OnCommand Management Solutions for Clustered Data ONTAP

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to OnCommand Workflow Automation

  • List the OnCommand suite of products
  • Describe the benefits of OnCommand WorkFlow Automation
  • List the elements of OnCommand WorkFlow Automation

Module 2: Configuring OnCommand Workflow Automation

  • Configure Data sources
  • Configure the credentials of a target system
  • Create users
  • Assign categories to operations

Module 3: Building Blocks and Workflow Enablers

  • Building blocks and WorkFlow enablers

Module 4: Designing and Running Workflows

  • Explain the workflow design recommandations
  • Create a workflow

Module 5: Refining your Workflow

  • Modify user inputs
  • Define constants
  • Define return parameters

Module 6: Customizing Workflows

  • Add approval points
  • Repeat rows in a workflow
  • Use an incremental naming convention
  • Define conditional execution

Module 7: Creating Building Blocks

  • Create a template
  • Create a finder
  • Create a function
  • Create a command
  • Create a data source

Module 8: Representational State Transfer Apis and Support Resources

  • List tasks that can be performed by REST APIs

Module 9: Windows Powershell and the NetApp Powershell Toolkit

  • Install and configure the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit
  • Describe how OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) integrates with the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit
  • Explore the features of Windows PowerShell using Data ONTAP Toolkit cmdlets

Appendix A: Regular Expressions
Appendix B: SQL Basics
Appendix C: Entity Versioning
Appendix D: Sample Command: Create and Configure SVM Command

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