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I just had a great experience with Unitek Education's NCDA boot camp. We had a wide variety of sectors represented in the class. J.P.'s ability to tailor specific requirements and content just from a security aspect alone to each of our industries was key. Not only did we pass our exams with flying colors, but we were able to bring back our courseware simulations and exercises that apply to our current issues at work. The lab VMs allowed us to apply security settings that directly relate towards a specific security posture that we have been trying to achieve. In working the labs through, J.P. would stay late and help us through the necessary content required to achieve our desired results in the VMs. Exercises can be replayed, allowing us to reinforce any areas that need revisiting from a learning perspective. I would recommend this bootcamp to anyone looking to not only achieve the credential, but someone looking to authoritatively back that knowledge up.

- D. Jabbour, NetApp, US Public Sector, NCDA Boot camp

I was thrilled that I was able to learn as much as I did. Some courses you can only retain a certain amount of knowledge. During this course I learned something new every day that I can easily apply to my current position. I will definitely be recommending this course to my peers.

- NetApp Professional Services Consultant NCDA class

This course is a boot camp and honestly I feel I got every dime out of it. Was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to retain every day. It was presented in a format, which enabled the student to easily absorb new topics and provide a clean slate the next day. Excellent delivery, excellent instructor. I will look for other courses with this instructor.

- NetApp Professional Services Consultant NCDA class an excellent instructor. Probably the best I've had in my 25 years in the IT field.

- Unix Admin Major Oil Company NCDA Boot Camp

Unitek Education's NetApp website is easy to navigate and had all the information I required to make the correct training decisions for me. The instructors are top-notch and know the material well. I have taken two classes within a 6 month time frame and both the NetApp instructors were excellent. The instructor's real world knowledge along with the material makes the training a very valuable experience. I can't wait for my next NetApp class.

- Dave S. NetApp Student

Thank goodness, we had an instructor like JP. He is a great instructor, engages everyone in the class, adds his own experiences (very valuable) and has a great sense of humor. He did a fantastic job!

- Network Engineer, 7-mode Administration class student

The Instructor was very knowledgeable and very willing to assist in our learning. I am a smarter person because of him.

- NCDA Bootcamp student

Excellent class taking in consideration the complexity of the topic.

-Custom onsite student

I increased my knowledge base by 150%. The trainer was professional and knowledge on the topic beyond any expectation.

-Custom onsite student

It was a very good web experience for the smart classroom. Very knowledgeable and fun instructor.

-SAN Administration Smart Class student

The Instructor was extremely knowledgeable in not only NetApp but various other applications. It allowed him to draw real-world examples that could relate to us.

-Custom onsite student

The Instructor was professional and efficient. He spoke clearly and spent the time to make sure I understood the subject matter.

-CIFS Administration student

The trainer was an excellent instructor. He managed to cover a lot of topics in a short amount of time considering this was about five classes crammed in six days.

-NCDA Bootcamp student

It was a good course to get me some knowledge on a topic I don't normally deal with. I feel a lot more comfortable with the topic and have a much better understanding of the subject.

-Custom onsite student

The depth of knowledge and pace that the instructor brought into class made the material easy to understand. I greatly enjoyed this instructor and would rate this instructor amongst the top I’ve ever met. Thanks J.P..

-NCDA Bootcamp student

I I just want to say thanks for an excellent week of instruction on Data ONTAP Fundamentals. It's already paying off here. I've got to say after all the instructors in the Linux and MS courses I've taken you've got em beat in both knowledge and energy..

-Alan Scott, Sr Systems Administrator, Norwalk, CT

He was an excellent instructor - I would highly recommend any of his classes and take him again. We had him out for a custom NetApp class a few weeks ago and were impressed enough to invite him back to teach our DBA group..

-SQL class student

Quality of Instruction was excellent. I was truly impressed by the instructors vast knowledge and experience. The general hospitality was very good. I was impressed by Unitek's campus and facilities.

-John Coffey, Systems Engineer, El Monte CA

Instructor was excellent, very knowledgeable and current in technical experience. The facility was extremely efficient, professional, and all around great experience. The staff was very responsive to questions and concerns. I would recommend Unitek Education to others.

-Finn Rye, Network Administrator, Palmer AK

Instructor did an excellent job talking to the very advanced students as well as breaking down information to the less knowledgeable like myself. The instructor also took the time to establish a rapport with the students to be able to target answers based on the individual students backgrounds. Excellent instructor!

-SAN class student

The instructor was the best I've had in my seven years of technical training..

-DOTF class student

This boot camp course consists of several topics and a large amount of knowledge transfer. Instructor was very efficient at keeping the class on track while at the same time ensuring all questions were answered or better yet the student understood and was comfortable with the subject matter. The instructor made this class a success. His working knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-NCDA Bootcamp class student

Thank you very much for the NetApp training! My instructor was great, he knew the topics well, and he was very energetic! I learned a lot of details that I was only superficially aware of. The training was excellent! Thank you..

-Patrick Fahey, PMC-IT, Rancho Cordova, CA

He is a valuable instructor. Beyond presenting the slides, he refers to real world environments, and includes information not included in the course materials..

-Operations Manager student

Outstanding instructor. He possessed a high level of knowledge and real world experience which made it very rewarding to learn better and faster in the given time allotted..

- DOTF class student

He has many aspects of a great teacher. One of them, in particular, is that he wants to be sure you understand the content before moving on.

-DOTF class student

If I were in a position to hire this instructor, I would steal him away. HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING, AND HOW TO DISSEMINATE WHAT HE KNOWS.

- Onsite class student

The instructor at Unitek was the first I have spoken to that supposedly knew about how Netapp appliances work, and actually did know what he was talking about. That alone made him a great teacher, but his energy and humor made it all the better and more interesting.

-DOTF class student

I think the instructor went way ahead of this course, he has solid know-how, knowledge and real-life experience. That in my opinion makes this class VERY valuable! The learning environment was INCREDIBLE. From the facilities to the Labs, everything was AWESOME!.

-NCDA Bootcamp class student