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At Unitek Education, we are EXTREMELY selective in picking our instructors. Our instructors go through a rigorous selection process that often lasts months. For our IT boot camps and courses, we have interviewed and hired instructors from around the world to ensure the best training possible. We look for instructors that can provide excellent teaching, technical and real-world experience to all of our students.

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Instructor Alicia T, who has served Unitek Education as an instructor for nearly nine years, brings to her classroom two decades of teaching experience and the expertise that comes from a prior career as an IT consultant.

Specializing in teaching students the necessary techniques and skills they need to master Microsoft, NetApp, and VMWare software and programs, Alicia understands and emphasizes the connections between various tools and platforms in order to maximize student proficiency.

Alicia possesses a number of certifications-Microsoft Dynamics, database development, network infrastructure, configuration, and numerous others. Alicia offers developing IT professionals the ability to master the skills they need.

Ola helps organizations understand technology and how to use it to their advantage. With a well-rounded background in Microsoft platforms and competitive technologies, Ola has expertise in Business Intelligence development including Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services, Master Data Services, Data Quality Services, and SharePoint Technologies.

He received first-hand experience in application development as well as infrastructure migration projects in the financial services, entertainment and music industries. Ola holds a number of Microsoft certifications and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He is co-author of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint Services Unleashed (Sams 2010), and he delivers all his training with a subtle Swedish accent!

Carlos holds a Bachelor of Science In Management Information Systems. Additionally, he has more than 12 years of work experience in the roles of Project Leader, Consultant, and Managing Information Systems. Carlos also possess professional training experience on NetApp Storage Systems, VMware, Cloud, Infrastructure and Desktop virtualization, Microsoft products like Windows Server 2003, 2008, Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle, Linux (Red Hat, SUSE), Solaris, AIX, SAP, IT Security and CISSP, PCI Compliance and Regulations. Carlos has spent time as a Consultant and Trainer in Mexico, South America and Europe.

His will be teaching NetApp and VMware Classes from fundamental management to highly advanced architecting, design and implement levels of knowledge in both Spanish and English. His professional past will add a lot of real-world scenarios to offer a better learning experience. His certifications include: NCDA, NCIE-SAN and Virtualization, NCIE Backup and Recovery, NCI, VCP 4, 5, VCI 4, 5.

Abu Z recently joined the Instructor ranks here are Unitek Education, and has been in the Technology Industry for over 8 years - 6 of which working as a technology instructor certified as MCT. Abu spent most of his technology training career in the United Kingdom with different Microsoft CPLS partners. Abu has taught classes ranging from Microsoft Applications to Networking, Windows OS, Security, Messaging, Deploying, Implementation, Administration, Configuration and Troubleshooting of almost every Microsoft Technology. His key specializations include: MS Lync Server / MS Exchange Server / MS SharePoint Server/ MS SQL Server / MS CRM / Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2 technologies including AD, Network Infrastructure, IIS / Windows Desktop OS XP/VISTA/ Win 7.

Abu's Microsoft certifications include: MCSE, MCSA, MCP, MCTS, and MCITP. Abu is a Computer Science Graduate and has completed his Master's Degree. Abu comes highly recommended by all of his previous co-workers. Abu is currently studying to become certified as MCM (Microsoft Certified Masters) on MS Lync Server, as he is a Charter Member of Microsoft Lync. Abu is also studying CISCO and NetApp Technologies.

Unitek Education instructor, Ron J, has instructed students in software programs ranging from Microsoft Server and Desktop courses to various Windows operating systems and platforms over the course of his nine years with Unitek Education.

In addition to his prior history with the company-working for nearly a decade with students of all ranges and abilities-Ron also boasts 15 years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and more than 20 years of technical training in all, with past employment in the IT consulting, delivery, and training industries.

As an instructor, Ron holds an extensive amount of certifications pertaining to the configuration of Windows Server, Windows Vista, Enterprise, and a number of other platforms.

David G is Unitek Education's CRM Practice Manager. He sells CRM training to enterprises that is delivered by himself.

David is a data migration expert, and was the data migration specialist on Unitek Education's internal migration from MS Goldmine to MS CRM 3.0. For migration, he used a combination of tools - Visual Studio.NET, The Microsoft Data Migration Framework (DMF), ScribeSoft's Scribe Migration adapter, and Pervasive's Data Junction product.

Often referred to as 'Unitek Education's SQL Query God', David enjoys analyzing business processes, and converting them to data structures.

"Mr. B" (as he is very affectionately known to all of the students and faculty) has over 10 years of teaching experience with computer technology. He has taught both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. He started as a Computer Graphics Instructor, but due to his extensive background, he began teaching Computer Information Systems and Computer Networking Technology. Mr. B has also taught for NORAD, Northrop and NASA.

He believes in positive motivation, building self-confidence, and strives to empower students through improving self-esteem.

In college, he studied Oceanography, Marine Biology, and Psychology. He is a certified Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist and uses these skills to teach relaxation techniques to relieve stress and improve performance.

Mr.B has sailed the Caribbean, swam through underground rivers, swam with stingrays, and snorkeled through vibrantly colorful coral reefs. He loves to hike and horseback ride the canyons, spirals, buttes and mesas of Arizona. He has gone on wildlife excursions in the picturesque and scenic Alaskan wilderness and encountered puffins, eagles, grizzlies, humpbacks and Orcas. He has also had the ultimate experience, primitive camping on an island and kayaking amongst Killer Whales in the back bays and sounds of British Columbia.

He plays jazz and blues on the saxophone and Native American flute, and he enjoys attending renaissance festivals, archery, target shooting, leather crafting, model building, gourmet cooking, aviation, drawing and airbrushing. As one can see, his interests are extremely varied and he has an extremely broad knowledge base that he uses to offer creative examples to facilitate learning.

IT development professional Roger S, joined the ranks of the Unitek Education faculty in 2010 and has been instructing students since.

Proficient in a wide variety of skills pertinent to the growing information technology industry, Roger offers his students the ability to study a number of software programs crucial to today's job market. These include resources like Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and other Microsoft programs, as well as important tools by Adobe and BusinessObjects. In addition to providing education in these areas, Roger is also familiar with programming languages such as ActionScripting, XHTML, and more.

Prior to joining the Unitek Education faculty, Roger served as an IT instructor at other institutions for a total of 14 years, enabling more than 10,000 students at technology companies to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Besides his work as an IT instructor, Roger is also a musician, and enjoys playing the drums and performing onstage.

Deepika A has 14 years of experience in the information technology industry and student instruction, with four of those years spent as an instructor with Unitek Education. Versed in Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server technology in MCSE, MCTS, and MCITP editions, she is also proficient in teaching MCITP Microsoft Server 2008 Administration and Enterprise Administration.

Deepika holds various certifications directly related to her work as an instructor. These include MCSE, MCTS, and MCITP certifications, among others. Prior to her arrival at Unitek Education, Deepika earned a Most Valuable Professional award. In her spare time, Deepika likes to watch movies, listen to music, and prepare her favorite recipes.

Jeff has had a dual career as an IT Project Manager as well as Instructor. With 20+ years experience for Unitek Education and other training companies and financial firms, he brings a great deal of experience to his classroom.

For many years, Jeff was an IT Project Manager for a Fortune 500 financial firm in NYC, where he helped implement and support the programming languages and testing tools used by the company's developers. His book: " The Project Management Answer Book," was published this year. It is a hands-on PM practitioner's guide as well as a PMP/CAPM test prep text.

Jeff is certified as both a PMP Project Management Professional and CompTIA CTT+ Certified Technical Trainer, and he teaches both PMP Prep and Train-the-Trainer/Presentation Skills toward the CTT+, MCT, and ACI for Unitek Education.

He has traveled across Europe and Greece. And he once met his favorite author, the late Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., in-person in Manhattan!

Instructor Gary R joined the ranks of Unitek Education more than 3 years ago. Since that time he has continued to expand his proficiency in a field he has worked and instructed in for a quarter of a century. With a solid background in consulting and network management, Gary provides students with the tools they need to advance their skills in order to obtain CCNA and CCNP Boot Camp certifications. Gary's Cisco certifications include CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCNA Security, and many others.

In addition to his work in the information technology field, Gary frequently engages in whitewater rafting throughout the western United States. He also pursues mountain biking and golf with his free time.

Information technology professional Ken P, possesses certifications from a variety of established leaders in the industry, including NetApp and Microsoft. Prior to becoming a valued member of the faculty at Unitek Education, Ken worked directly in network administration with a number of firms, and performed high-level contractual work in the form of conversions and upgrades.

Having worked for more than a decade in information technology and instruction, Ken brings extensive experience and knowledge from the field to his students. Ken is currently the lead in upgrading the Guam Gov. network, and has traveled throughout the South Pacific for his profession. He also enjoys practicing the bass guitar in his free time.

A recent addition to the Unitek Education staff, Neal M brings a diverse array of work experience to his post as an instructor. A former CISSP instructor for the Internal Revenue Service, Neal has also worked with the United States Air Force and Army. In the private sector, he has worked with a number of leading corporations, such as Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and Pepsi.

With a total of 12 years experience in instructional training under his belt, Neal offers students the expertise of an informed professional with his classes in Network +, Security+, CHFI hacking and forensics, several editions of Microsoft Platforms, and Cisco certifications and programs; all areas in which he holds certifications. Other relevant past experiences include work on one of the first VoIP systems, the NBX 100.

J.C. has been with Unitek since 2005. He is a Citrix Certified Instructor and a Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer as well as a CompTIA Certified Instructor. He holds CompTIA A+, Network+ , and Security+ Certificates. He is the primary Citrix Instructor for Unitek and also delivers CompTIA courses. J.C. will soon be celebrating his 10 year anniversary as a Unitek Instructor.

With prior experience at companies such as Symantec and NetApp as an IT manager, Kelly C brings direct industry experience to her role as an instructor at Unitek Education. Highly familiar with NetApp software, Kelly has previously taught courses that include NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator (NCDA), the ANCDA Boot Camp, as well as Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration.

Kelly holds various NetApp certifications that include NCIE, NCI, and NCDA. Kelly has taught for over three years at other organizations, and has recently joined Unitek Education, where she strives to develop both her own knowledge and that of her students.

Bernard G has been called a "cloud guru." He is the CEO of HyperStratus, a Silicon Valley cloud-computing consultancy that works with clients in the US and throughout the world. The firm's clients include Korea Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom, Pepsi, and BMC Software. HyperStratus provides cloud-computing services in the areas of application security, system architecture and design, TCO analysis, and project implementation.

Bernard is the Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO Magazine. His blog has been called "brilliant and incisive" and is read by tens of thousands of people each month. Sys-Con Media, a "20 Most Important Cloud Blog" by AlwaysOn Media, named his blog "Top 50 Cloud Computing Blog" and in a recent poll by AppDynamics his was cited as the third most influential cloud computing blog. Bernard's writings on cloud computing have also been published by the New York Times and the Harvard Business Review.

Bernard is the author of Virtualization for Dummies, the most popular book on the subject ever published. He is also the co-author of Creating the Infrastructure for Cloud Computing (Intel Press, 2011). Bernard is a popular and engaging presenter, and has keynoted conferences from Moscow to Peru.

Unitek Education instructor Jon P, has an employment history that reads like a highlight reel - he has taught at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, various military organizations, and maintained a role as the premier instructor for Sun Microsystems during his tenure at the Silicon Valley firm Brocade. An experienced instructor, Jon holds seven years of experience in diverse classroom and work settings.

At Unitek Education, Jon instructs students in NCDA, ANCDA, DOTA, DOTF, NPSA, SAN, and many more. In the past, Jon has worked with permutations of Windows software, has practiced domain redesign, NAS, and other areas. Jon is a numismatist-a collector of coins-and enjoys learning guitar in the Spanish folklore tradition.

As an accomplished professional, Jerry brings over 30 years of industry experience to his instructor role at Unitek Education. His technical experience has breadth as well as depth, having both real world and training experience. He has taught classes ranging from application and web development, to networking, to Windows OS design, engineering, security, administration, support and hardware troubleshooting.

Jerry has been teaching CompTIA and Microsoft Official Curriculum courses for over 15 years. Jerry has authored and co-authored numerous technical articles and contributed content to Sybex and Que on Information technology related content.

Over the years, Jerry has worked with Information Technology and Security in various sectors including the government and military. As a Corps of Engineers Lieutenant Colonel, he served as the Director of Management Science at the U.S. Army War College and as the Chair of the Decision Support Systems Department at the National Defense University. Honors include a FULBRIGHT year in the U.K. and numerous Military Honors and Awards. He has served as a Dean of Systems Administration in two public universities and worked with IT security issues in both private and public universities.

Along with CompTIA certifications, he is a MCSE and a MCSA. His courses include the following products or topic areas: CISSP, A+, NET+, SECURITY+, Project+, CTT+, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, ITIL V.3 Service Management, Operations Management, Computer Science, and Decision Support.

Jerry earned his Ph.D. in Computer and Administrative Science from Oklahoma State University. His Master of Business Administration degree focused on Computer Science and Operations Management from the University of Mississippi ("Ole Miss"). His undergraduate degree is from Kansas State. Current activities include CompTIA course deliveries to Military/Government students with outstanding results.

At Unitek Education, Philip S offers hands-on learning in diverse and comprehensive areas, from system administration to advanced management and design, for his students. Other areas of focus include Enterprise Management and Security, and Oracle software, such as Java, PeopleSoft, Solaris, and MySQL.

With more than two decades of instructional experience, Philip's industry credits include stints as a technical trainer and an education partner instructor for Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and Computer Associates. In addition to his work with Unitek Education, Philip also actively pursues project managing and independent teaching through his technical consultancy, which he founded in the late 1990s.

Philip is certified by Computer Associates, Microsoft, Red Hat, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, and VMWare. Philip has worked in countries such as Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and China to expand and implement new programming languages and assist companies in various projects. He has also served as the Director of Education for MAI Basic Four.

In his free time, Philip prefers to read and study world history, particularly American and European. He also enjoys following developments in space exploration, studying cinema's past and present, and racing bicycles and roller-blading.

Mark has been a valued member of Unitek Educations's NetApp faculty for the past few years. Mark draws on his extensive storage and consulting background to deliver "real world" training to his students. He is NCDA certified, and his experience includes NetApp, EMC, HP/Compaq and IBM, among other major corporations.

Prior to joining Unitek Education, he has worked for over a decade in the storage space, managing entire engineering teams to provide pre and post sales support to clients, developing mass storage strategies, and implementing the solutions.

Rahim (Dual CCIE#8918 Routing and Switching / Security) has over ten years of extensive experience in Voice, Security, and Data networking with a proven track-record of consistently meeting and exceeding objectives in a wide variety of network engineering roles. His diverse networking background with proficiency in end-to-end network solutions from both a technical and a business level is one of the greatest assets as he incorporates them into his lectures.

As a lead instructor for Unitek Education, he has instructed our CCIE® Routing and Switching classes for both written and lab portions with amazing passing rates. He is the Author of Unitek Education's Routing & Switching courseware (first published in 2002) and still used today (with monthly updates) for Unitek Education's CCIE®Routing & Switching program. He is the only instructor that has ever taught this program. The instructor's skill and authoring capability is the primary reason for the high passing rate of our CCIE®students. He has delivered various technical network courses MPLS, OSPF/BGP, QoS, IP Multicasting, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CCIP, CCIE written (lecture base), and CCIE lab (hands on), regular and boot camp classes. His enthusiasm for the subjects seem to transfer to the students: In all of his classroom evaluations, the students have rated my performance in the class as 8.8 averages on a 9.0 scale with a proven track-record for these positive evaluations.

Rahim's previous teaching experience includes training at UC-Santa Cruz where he taught LAN/WAN fundamentals, OSPF/EIGRP, OSPF/BGP, ICND, and the CCIE R&S lab. He also taught a variety of authorized Cisco classes throughout the United States.

Charlie is Unitek Education's Citrix guru, and teaches all of our authorized courses, combos and accelerated events. Charlie is ranked amongst the top five Citrix instructors in the United States. He divides his time evenly between teaching and consulting (for Unitek Education enterprise Citrix clients). His experience with Citrix is defined by his certifications that include Citrix CCA, CCI, CCEA (XP and PS 3.0) & CCIA. He is one of only a handful of Citrix instructors that are certified to teach the CCIA (Architect) track.

In addition to his training experience, he has held positions for Citrix products such as Senior Systems Consultant and Terminal Services specialist. In addition, C.M. has also been Linux certified in SAIR LCP / LCI, & LPI level 1. He has also prepared and implemented Novell system upgrades with his certifications in CNE / CNI -3.x/4.x/5.x. Last but not the least, C.M. holds the Microsoft Certification MCP - NT / 2000.

Berenice is a CISSP® certified independent consultant and trainer with over 20 years of experience in Information Systems Security. She developed and teaches Unitek Education's highly rated CISSP® Boot Camp curriculum.

As a consultant, she specializes in providing security services: audits, penetration testing, developing security policies and designing and implementing secure network infrastructures. Her client list includes numerous major organizations in multiple industries, including manufacturing, financial services, transportation, healthcare, technology, biotechnology, insurance, advertising, telecommunications and ISPs. In addition to her consulting practice, she has held various senior technical roles with companies such as MCI Telecommunications, Ascend Communications, Lucent Technologies and Redback Networks where she has designed and implemented secure network solutions for both enterprise and service provider customers.

Berenice also possesses over 15 years of platform training experience, having taught many technical disciplines including authorized certification training as a Certified Novell Instructor (CNI) and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Her current training is focused on security certifications such as CISSP®, CEH, CHFI and CCSP. She is also a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI) teaching courses in Cisco's Internetworking and Security Training curriculums such as CCNA, CCDA, CCNP and CCSP.

C.J. (MCT, MCSE, MCP+I) started his career in Information Technology over 19 years ago by opening his own successful business. This included consulting for large companies about their technology needs and building and managing networks for clients such as the United States Air Force, KOIN TV in Portland, State of Oregon, and the Federal Highway Department to name a few. He was also the Senior Instructor at a leading CTEC for over 1-1/2 years, and has been an independent trainer for over 4 years. C.J.'s recent real-world experience includes designing and implementing all aspects of network infrastructure and back office solutions at Microsoft.

C.J. is an outstanding trainer specializing in Windows Server 2003, Exchange, SMS, XP, Windows 2000, SQL 2000, and MOM. The unparalleled quality his classes is reflected in his 97% overall score on student evaluations. Unitek Education is proud to offer classes taught by C.J. due to his exceptional professionalism, coupled with his ability to make his classes interesting and exciting.

Larry has been involved with Information Security for well over 20 years, designing and supporting large infrastructures and managing external connections to partner networks. He has many certifications including CISSP®, ISC2, Certified Ethical Hacker, CSS1, CCDP, CCNP, CompTIA A+ Network+ Security+, LINUX+, MCT, MCSE+I, ITIL Foundation, and Novell CNE. L.G. has been an instructor for over seven years, teaching ISC2, Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA certification courses.

His previous work has also involved the support of many firewalls and router access control lists. In addition, our instructor actively consults for Fortune 1000 companies on Security-related projects, helping businesses comply with NIST and BS-7799 / ISO-17799 best practices, including Risk Management and PKI, IP surveillance technologies, and security testing.

Unitek Education is happy to have L.G. as an instructor of our CISSP® Boot Camp, as he has been recognized across the globe for his Security training and abilities. He also taught CISSP® to the U.S. Forces in Korea. Larry was awarded a medallion of "Superior Performance" for his efforts and dedication, and praised by Colonel James Henderson for teaching our U.S. Forces how to secure the future.

Neal completed his Master's degree in MIS and has over 23 years in the IT Industry. He has worked for several Fortune 100 companies including Amerada Hess and Raytheon, his last job being Senior Production Database Administrator for the Dept. of Education defaulted student loan system that collected over a billion dollars a year in payments. Neal has also created several successful E-Commerce websites and has been a professional trainer for 4 years. He has earned certifications including MCSD, MCSE, MCDB, and SCJP.

He primarily teaches Microsoft developer courses such as VB, C#, ASP.NET and XML along with the occasional non-Microsoft classes such as Java and PERL. Neal, Unitek Education specialist instructor on BizTalk 2004, has won considerable acclaim from Microsoft, for who he has conducted pre-sales seminars targeted at developers for BizTalk 2004. He attended Microsoft Train-the-Trainer for BizTalk 2004 and within 4 months, he had trained international client corporations, including Sutter Health, Computer Sciences Corporation and Internosis

In the nearly five years in which Brad H has served as an instructor for Unitek Education, he has enabled students to master the skills needed for various Cisco certifications. Brad has also imparted knowledge gained during his numerous past positions in the technology industry. Before joining Unitek Education, Brad worked for numerous companies that include, but are not limited to, Cisco, Citrix Systems, AT&T, and Ultimate Software. Brad has also served international Fortune 500 companies as a contracted global systems integrator.

Highly proficient with the task necessary to master Cisco certifications and systems, Brad holds a notable amount of certifications from the company himself, and is a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor, Network Associate, Design Associate, Network Professional, Design Professional, Firewall Specialist, and Information Security Specialist, among other roles. Brad is also Information Security Certified by the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

Brad enjoys traveling and has visited four continents, crossed one ocean and two seas, and has cycled 1,800 miles across Europe.

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